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Crystal-river Lecanto Inverness Telecommunitcators represent.

I know the clit is supposedly dead but its still alive in my heart, and my pants (just kidding about the pants). I think we need a reunion...cause exclusive groups that make others feel like they're not as cool as us are the bee's knees. Seeing The Scrotum makes me realize just how cool we are.. We're so cool that people are shamelessely copying our group. Besides i love you guys. We're the clit. We run the COOL racket in this town.

theres gonna be a showdown.
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the clit is the shit.

we do need to have a reunion, as i suggested.

haha. we are cool. everyone in the clit is funny, smart, attractive, and cool, whether or not we all are together or not.

the end =).
well then i guess its settled. the clit is here to stay!
yah the clit was great. it's awesome that we are a role model for other "groups" out there (aka thescrotum). let me tell you the story of how i found "thescrotum". i was logging onto lj's and i came across some girl who loves vendetta red and i saw that she belonged to a community that was called 'the scrotum' and i'm thinking it's my fav. band "scrotum grinder." so anyways, i logg on, and i find that they have the same interests as "theclit" and i realized that they were hardcore making fun of us!

fuck you "the scrotum" i'm sure you guys don't bathe. i hate your life, and somf (sit on my face!)

dayleane (rocks)
the clit is like a heartless empire standing up for its own interests, or should i say standing up for its own SHIT.
they were hardcore making fun of us!
hahaha, atleast someone gets it.

you're right, we never...EVER..bathe.

teach me about face sitting.

..and, vendetta red is great.
why do you care so much, even to comment. i don't know you, and i'm sure you are a nice girl who comes off as rude. i don't want to get involved in your "the scrotum rules" poonanie. so...don't call me a whore for typing back, i just don't think making fun of people for having great times is fun. oh, and by the way, the clit is dead. just so you know, because i'm sure that makes you happy.

have a great one. (no sarcasm intended)
the only way i'd teach you about face sitting is if you have no where else to sit, i might let you sit on my face :)

-dayleane (is not a whore so don't call me one)
I don't think you're a whore at all. You're right I don't know you, so how could I think that?

The only reason I made "the scrotum" is because I can't stand Amy Stern and I thought it would be hilarious, as did others.
why can't you stand amy? she and i used to be really good friends, but not any longer. has she done something to you? if so, i'm sure it was unintentional. she was really nice when i was friends with her.

anyways, i'm glad you do not associate me to the word "whore". i figured you would because i remember someone imed amy calling her that.

message me sometime: dayleane018 i would love to chat :)
The Scro-DUMB just made us ten times more cool
..if that was even POSSIBLE!!!
ahahahahah "scro-dumb" thats priceless
why didnt i think of that?!
I don't know! I was thinking the same thing!
"Why didn't Frankie think of that?!?"

you guys are mother fucking celebrities.
we all want to be just like you.
its true..its true.
And you- you smell like my volvo( or should I say overies during that time of the month). I hate you ugly clit gang members. You look like your trying to be so 70's and sheek, but you guys really look like 80's guys with bowl cuts and brown shit colored appearal. Grow up and get a life.As for the girls you run with, they are all open wide, wider than a pair of open pliers.They all want to be like me but they can't MY CUNT IS THE BEST- so take that and pull down your pants and push it in deep.
hey, you suck. no one cares about your opinion. :)

have fun w/ your "smelly cunt" or whatever it is that you are diagnosed with.


PS i'm now sceered to post under my LJ name.
as far as me having a bowl cut..i dont even have a CUT..the last haircut i got was like that time when amy trimmed my hair.

i trimmed my original post cause i didnt think people could tell i was joking.
The Clit is pink.............. The Clit is pink......................... THE GODDAMN CLIT IS PINK!!!................... THE CLIT LIVEZ! IT'S NOT DEAD BECAUSE IT'S JUST AN ORGAN! MENOPAUSE WOULD PROVE OTHERWISE!
where did you hear about the clit? so crazy. i am the only origional member still and it's only because i've been to lazy to delete it. so anyways, i clicked on the journal and saw this crazy comment!!??!! lol what made you comment? that is so funny. and wow, that was a long time ago. peace.



14 years ago

Deleted comment

no this things isn't still on. we fell apart as a group over the summer (a long story) i still talk to everyone except one girl. but oh well. it was fun while it lasted. :)

i want in on this damn clit.
don't bother because there is nothing.
what the heck is "the" clit?
Interesting little community......