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lay off the twinkies atom bomb!

hey guys, remember after the golden coral and everyone was at my house in my room, and atom was working out on my bike thingy. he was working out soooo hard and breathing heavy and such. and then....he found the arm thingys that move and he was sooooo excited. and then, remember after a few minutes on the bike, he was pooped out!!! remember that guys?!?!? i just thought of it and found it to be sooooo funny!!! oh the good old days!!!
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i remember that...

and no one was even noticing adam doing that but me...

and i kept laughing and laughing at him on that stupid bike...

and he found the arms and he DID get excited.

that was one of the best clit days i can think of. i loved that day.
noway, i totally remembered him on the bike and i've cherrished it eversince! and he knew the words to my songs!! i couldn't believe it!! wowowowowoow, i really miss that kid!
dayleane is a butt slut.
you know you like it!
but of course, how could i forget?