vanmuddlestein (vanmuddlestein) wrote in theclit,

Saturday, October 2nd in Orlando, FL

This is a fist. A cantankerous fist of rebellion that knows how to take charge. It is a fist that says
"Beg Pardon, good madam, but wouldst thou kindly mind GETTING THE FUCKING FUCK OUT OF MY WAY?!?! MY COCK HAS SOME ROCKING THE FUCK OUT TA DO!!"
If this is your kind of fist, then please come to the backbooth October 2nd and throw your own cantankerous fist in the air with us. If not, then do as the fist says and make yourself scarce.
Playground Heroes sounds like the death rattles of a nymphomaniac who never got laid. It is music made by 4 chronic masturbators with a scary obsession with the internet. If you need or want more information on their rock extravaganza, you can easily do so at
Join the mailing list, listen to mp3's, post something on the guestbook...we welcome it all.
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