vanmuddlestein (vanmuddlestein) wrote in theclit,

In Daytona, FL

Quirky, spastic, energetic spazzcore band Playground Heroes was founded in 1999 under the original moniker of EyeQ in Kissimmee, Florida by hyper-active frontman Chris Daley (age 22). After four years of revolving members and an eventual name change the band has come to fruition with a solid lineup that is dedicated to the music and their high energy live show. Featuring Daley on vocals, Kyle Milweed(age 16) on drums, Garret Olsen(age 17) on bass, and Billy Van Muddlestein (age 20) on guitar, The band prides itself on its high energy live show and unique hook filled punk tinged ska sound. Over the past four years, Playground Heroes has accumulated a resume that includes 200 shows, five independent, self-booked and successful tours playing in 24 states and parts of Canada. They have shared the stage with such bands as Lawrence Arms(Fat Wreckchords), Digger(Hopeless Records), Groovie Ghoulies(Lookout! Records), Lanemeyer(Too Hep Records), Dan Potthast(Asian Man Records) and Mustard Plug(Hopeless Records). The band has built a strong fan-base around the U.S. and more specifically around the Central Florida area. They have played in all of Orlando, FL's biggest clubs including a packed show of 2,000 kids at the Hard Rock Live Orlando and several large shows at House of Blues Orlando. They have also been featured on several of Central Florida's most prominent major radio stations including interviews on the Melissa Foxx radio show (real radio 104.1 wtks), being pick of the week on the Philips File (real radio 104.1 wtks), and regular airplay on wjrr 101.1 fm. Playground Heroes shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, either. In fact, they appear to be gaining more momentum than ever and plan on touring most of the United States again in 2005.
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